27 in tall, 5 lbs




Speeding around all over town

Overdrives go faster the angrier they get. Scientists have measured just how angry, by the tire tracks left in their wake. Overdrives are like little chickens mix with vehicles.


Overdrives will sometimes develop clumps in their oil supply that are taken out during their periodic oil changes. Some of these clumps develop into eggs.

Shiny Version:

Size Reference

Alliance List

  • Blood Red – Red Overdrive (common) – The Rev
  • Peacock Green – Agua Overdrive – IcyHot
  • Ocean Turquoise – Winter Overdrive – Aurora
  • Persian Rose – Red Overdrive (common)
  • Rhodonite Pink – Red Overdrive (Shiny), Red Overdrive (common)

Spectrum Variants

Agua Overdrive

This little guy can rip though watery surfaces like it’s nothing, having deeper treads on its wheels than normal overdrives.

  • Type: Water
  • Home: Blue’s Spectrum
  • Rarity: Uncommon

Winter Overdrive

Owning to its more icy nature its developed more like a sled than a car, to expertly navigate slippery surfaces. The ice sculptures on its head and tail are super hard and glisten in the light. This one is for Ocean Turquoise.

  • Type: Ice
  • Home: Blue’s Spectrum
  • Rarity: Rare


Built for the farm life.

  • Type: Animation
  • Home: Orange’s Spectrum
  • Rarity: Uncommon

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