(Donut + Anaconda)




up to 60 feet long


Gold (Brown’s Area)


Surrouded by the largest sweets

These are Donacondas! These delicious snakes are large enough to swallow an Astrian whole but are generally passive unless provoked. The rattle on their tail releases powdered sugar everywhere so it’s been a challenge to keep their areas clean, not to mention the glaze their skin naturally produces to enable them to slither on the ground, makes things a bit sticky. These snakes look like different types of donuts when they curl up and as a matter of fact, will transform into a humungous donut to blend in with Brown’s area’s generally massive sweet landscapes, only to spring to life when someone comes near.  

Stationary/Sleep Mode:

Alliance List

  • Peacock Green – Black Icing (Halloween)
  • Amazonite Green – Pumpkin Spice (Halloween) – Pumpkin Spice
  • Blood Red – Orange Sprinkles (Halloween)
  • Pastel Pink – Reindeer (Christmas)
  • Mulberry Purple – Present (Christmas)
  • Persian Rose – Peppermint (Christmas)
  • Cadmium Red – Chocolate
  • Orchid Purple – Chocolate
  • Rosewood Red – Chocolate
  • Ocean Turquoise – Chocolate

Astria Dex

A dex that shows all the creatures found within the Astria Galaxy!