up to 5 feet long




In the coolest of waters

A while back there was a rumor of a Harefin that was drawn in orange and green. When asked about it the artist claimed it to have been a real harefin that she’d came across. And well, now we have proof that it’s true! There are variant colored harefins! Oh look at it, its so cute! Seems our resident Harecean has given us a nice school of Harefin. But at my sanctuary we keep tight limits on the number of creatures that we keep, so we will have to give these little guys away. Looks like the two regular colors harefins are male and our little variant is female…So Alliance, if you want one, give me your best names for them. You can attempt a name for each one. I will pick the names I like best and grant your astrian that particular Harefin as an official pet!

Size Reference:

Alliance List

  • Mint Green – Maquiya
  • Persian Rose – Tulip Victoria
  • Pastel Pink
  • Amazonite Green

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