(Coffee Brewing + Bumble Bee)




up to 4 inches long


Gold (Brown’s Area)


Buzzing around Coffee Lake

Rumors say that these little guys, the BrewBee, wore borne from Coffee lake. Born to help stabilize the ever growing swarms of Dreameez, who have taken to easily putting large cities completely to sleep. This would explain why the two are natural enemies. While the Dreameez are always sleeping the BrewBee are awake and always alert to their surroundings, the markings on their eye resembling blood shot eyes, never sleeping. They are said to be able to waken even the sleepiest of Astrians…They are seen all over Coffee Lake, likely renewing their energy in the pools of caffeinated liquid.

Brewbee work just like bumble bees, only they produce coffee instead of honey. What is the difference between this coffee and what is in coffee lake? Well its not as hot for one! Coffee produced by Brewbee tend to be flavors for fitting for iced coffees. Depending on what other diet the BrewBee has along with a steady dose of fresh coffee, will determine what flavor of coffee it brews.


Alliance List

  • Peacock Green – Bean
  • Maple Pink
  • Spectre Silver
  • Ocean Turquoise
  • Midnight Blue
  • Mulberry Purple
  • Blush Pink

Astria Dex

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