A New Era Mystery Mix

A New Era Mystery mix is a Celebration Limited Time Mix! 

A Mystery Mix ticket for this Special Mystery Mix can ONLY be obtained by Sharing the Stream and/or Bringing a Friend to the Stream. A ticket will be redeemed for each instance. Limits: 2 of each furniture piece, 2 of each item, 1 of each kind of ticket and 1 of each outfit.


  • Dragowl – Celebration
    • Peacock Green
  • Elegant Glissade (M)
    • Persian Blue
  • Elegant Glissade (F)
  • Trax Camo
    • Amazonite Green
  • Winerati
  • Winermato
    • Peacock Green
  • Penqini 
    • Persian Blue – Chromatic
    • Peacock Green – Common
    • Spectre Silver – Chromatic
    • — – Chromatic
Angelic Empyress


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