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It is a known habit for a chef to taste test their food to make sure it is seasoned just right, especially when coming up with a brand new dish. A lot of trial and error can occur during the creation of a new recipe, and being able to get it just right a lot of the times can only be done through tasting. So what happens when you can’t depend on your own taste buds?

Oranges are known for being expert farmers and some of the best chefs. Orange Astrians are trained from a young age on the taste and textures of food and how it changes depending on what you add to it. They also learn how to grow produce in different ways to enhance the taste. In order to become a recognized chef within Orange’s Spectrum, an astrian must use all the skills they have acquired is to create a dish using Spectral Produce.

Spectral produce are special produce that are called out by their color specifically. For example, blue berries are a spectral produce. These food items contain concentrated pure color energy within them. They are also some of the hardest and rarest plants to grow and the trickiest to prepare. Reason being, because they are made of pure color energy, they taste utterly horrible to anyone that is not from the matching color spectrum. In some cases, it can even make astrians not from the matching spectrum extremely sick. So an astrian trying to prepare a dish using spectral fruit that is not from their home spectrum has to be prepared solely from skill. They cannot taste test any part of the process. Even growing this produce requires special gloves to protect against the juices touching the skin. So to prepare a dish using a main ingredient that you yourself cannot taste or even get the juices on your skin, is seen as the mark of an expert chef. As this final challenge to become a recognized Master Chef is very easy to fail, master chefs are highly renowned within the Spectrum. 

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