Adventurer’s Guide

Your guide to all the information you’ll need as part of the Astrian Alliance!

Getting Started

Receiving your Astrian

Each Astrian is created with a lot of time and care. Please be patient. I try to reflect each member in their character as best I can. You can only have ONE Astrian. If you are a new member and haven’t already, email or message me with your favorite colors and animals to help me create your character!

Each Astrian created starts as a blank slate so they are pretty plain at the beginning. The amount that you participate in the community and are generally active overall will determine how much growth and development your astrian will have. This will also fill in your Alliance Profile.

In order to fully participate in the community you will need an account on this site (see next section), a Twitch Account (to participate in the live adventures), and a Discord Account (for announcements, updates and general talk with the community).  Both Twitch and Discord accounts are FREE.

To have your Astrian Created, you must go through and complete Branch 1 of the ChromaTree Achievements. This will take you through all the steps to figure out the details needed to create your Astrian. Even if you already received your astrian as a gift, You will still be required to complete Branch 1 in order to received your starting crystals and to refine the details of your Astrian.


Free Slots

While the Astrian Alliance is a subscription based experience, there is an opportunity to participate in the experience for free! Every so often there will be free slots available. These will be announced on the Discord, social media and during livestreams. Free slots are first come first served and provide a limited way to get a taste of what the Astrian Alliance is all about. To claim a free slot you must be an active member of the discord in good standing.

Free slot Astrians are pre-designed and there are no customization options for them. You are still able to earn EXP to level them up, but what they earn as they level up is pre-determined. Think of this as playing your regular character in an RPG, you are playing their story, but not customizing the character itself.

Other differences to note from the full subscription version:

  • Free slots astrians are made from a different base and cannot fit/use the outifts
  • Weapons types and designs are pre-determined
  • You can utilize/earn furniture, backgrounds, pets, and pet abilities
  • You can customize their stats and earn Astrian Levels along with any of the level rewards
  • Free slot astrians cannot participate in ChromaTree Achievement Quests that are customization based quests. These will be unavailable for free astrians.
  • You can keep a free slot astrian for as long as you like! There is no “free trial” limit. The ONLY requirement to keep your slot is to remain active. Your account must show that you’ve logged in and actually replied/commented/posted/was active at least once a week. 

Your free slot can be taken away if your account has been inactive for over three months. If there is an issue and you need time away please let me know in the Discord and this can be waived. Once you lose your slot you can only rejoin as a subscriber.

If you have a free slot and want to join as a subscriber then you are able to choose to keep your free astrian and everything you’ve earned for them and add the customization options and everything to that one, OR start over fresh with a new customized astrian.

Setting up your Astrian Profile

You will have an account created for you once you have claimed a free slot or have subscribed. Once your receive the details for your account you are ready to go! Don’t worry about filling any of the other fields on the Character, Stats or Weapon tabs. You’ll be filling all that out as you go!

Your Profile

Character – View your Astrian’s stats

Media – All the media you have posted

Activity – All your posts

Comments – All your recent comments

Friends – who you have added as a friend

Astria League – If you are involved in the League you can see all your stats and events here

Groups – Groups you have joined

Achievements – All the achievements you’ve earned.

The Activity Stream – Interacting with other Astrians

There are many ways that you can interact with other Astrians!

Go to Members -> Activity to go to the Activity Stream and see what everyone is posting!

You have the ability to Comment on posts, Like/Favorite them or Share them to your own Profile!

At the top of the Activity Feed you will see a Post box for you to add your own posts to the Feed.

By clicking the “…” you are able to select from a variety of options to post anything that you want! Max file size is 5MB.
Clicking on another member’s profile will enable you to add them as a friend by clicking the red “Add Friend” button in the top menu.
You can also send them a private message using the Message Button!

There is a lot of other useful information you can find on the Activity Stream. To the left of the posts you will find a host of interesting things.

 – The Current Quest you can partake in along with information and hints on where to begin.

 – A list of All the Shops where you can spend your pixels, crystals, and wings

 – The Current Daily Login Bonus Rewards Calendar

 – Your latest earnings


Developing Your Astrian

Stats Definition

Energy – equivalent to your Hit Points (HP)

Defense – resistance to opposing attacks

Flow (Movement) – determines how many actions you can do per round.

Value – how Intelligent you are

Saturation – determines your strength

Social – determines how well you work with others

Mind – being able to think outside of the box

Stat Specialties

Value, Saturation, Social and Mind each have specialties that you can choose to help develop your astrian’s main trait. You can choose up to THREE total specialties across the 4 stats.

Once you have chosen your specialties you can then opt to put crystals into the specialty in order to give yourself a modifier for that stat. For example if you choose the Value specialty in Medicine and put a crystal into it, you will have a +1 Value Modifier that you can add to any Value dice roll where that specialty would come in handy.

You can have up to +5 on a specialty.

Weapons and Weapon Upgrades

Every Astrian can have a max of Four Weapon Types. Here’s how you earn them:

  • Weapon Slot 1 & 2 : Purchased with 10 Crystals from Silver’s Upgrade Shop
  • Weapon Slot 3 : Patreon/Gift Exclusive – Unlocked after sub at any Alliance Tier or Unlocked as Special Gift
  • Weapon Slot 4 : Patreon Exclusive – Unlocked at Astrian Alliance ELITE Tier

Weapons 1 & 2 MUST be chosen from the types of weapons found in the Spectrum where your Astrian resides.
Weapons 3 & 4 can be any weapon type you’d like no matter the Spectrum.

When you choose your weapon types you will receive a custom weapon created for you in that type.
You will also be able to obtain other weapons of that same type.

NOTE: You cannot change your weapon or weapon camo loadout when there is a live event, mini quest or RP challenge active!

Weapon Type List

Reds : Staffs, Wands, Bows/Arrows, Jet Blades, Rings

Oranges : Launchers, Sickles, Scythes, Hammers

Yellows : Chakrams, Batons/harmonizers, Lasers, Tazrs, Tonfas

Greens : Knuckles, Assault Rifles, Javelins, Spears, halberds, Blow Dart

Blues : Partisans/Lances, Glaives, Tridents, Twin Daggers

Purples : Nun chucks, Gunblades, Daggers, throwing knives

Golds : Whips, Bolas, Guns, Twin Blades

Silvers : Swords, Shuriken, Katanas, Talis, Totems

Choosing your Weapons

All weapons that you earn should be listed in your equipment. This means you have to name every custom weapon you receive! Other weapons you obtain will have names already chosen for them.

You can currently have one weapon active at a time. Choose this weapon and up to three Power Upgrades that you’ve earned through the Power Upgrades Achievements. List this in your Weapon Loadout under the Abilities Tab in your Profile. Be sure that that Upgrades you pick are compatible with the weapon type you chose!

Weapon Camos

You can also earn Weapon camos from different events. A weapon camo changes the look of an active weapon. All camos that you earn should be listed in your equipment. If you want to use a camo on your active weapon, list it in your weapon load out.

Earning Pets – Chrominikins

You can earn Chrominikins to go with your astrian!
You can earn AS MANY Chrominikins as you want but you can only have THREE total of each kind of pet and each MUST be a different variant. If you have three and want to open a slot for a different variant you have to put one up for adoption. NOTE: Common Chrominikins CANNOT be put up for adoption.

Click Here for Full Pet List

  • Common Chrominikins can appear anywhere. They are always available in the Pet Shop, and you can adopt one for Feathers. Art for commons are the same for each person receiving it, but does count as your one of that type if you choose to claim.
  • Uncommon & Rare Variants (Spectrum variants, etc…) are unveiled during Astria Unleased Episodes and during special events. They can only be obtained during these events. They are available in the Shop for a limited time when they do show up. 
  • Prismatic “Shiny” variants (rare color pattern) are usually given for completing missions, participating in certain events and going on adventures. Rarely seen and often unavailable for purchase in the Shop.
  • Legendaries are insanely hard to obtain! There will be some chances but you might just have to be really lucky!


Each pet species will have at least one power that is natural to them. This power will help you out on your adventures! More information will be added once these are available. Coming Soon

Pet Party and List

Whenever you obtain a new pet add them to your pet list on the Character tab of your Profile!

Also choose one of your pets to have in your party for your adventures. Add “Active” to the front of the Pet Type in your Pet List. 

Note: You cannot change your pet party when there is an active Live event, going on!

Art Collection

What is an Art Collecting RPG without the ART COLLECTING?

Art Doll

The first piece of art you will receive once you have been designated an Astrian is your Art Doll. This is a digital doll that you can outfit with clothing from the Wing and Alliance Shops!

Everything that your Astrian earns through your interactions (from weapons, to clothing, furniture and pets…) you will receive in art! You essentially end up with a collection of custom art that tells the story of your astrian’s growth. Everyone will receive full scale art of everything they earn. 

In order to recieve art you will be given a link to a folder that is just for your items. Make sure you download everything as the folder will be periodically cleared to save space. 

You can also earn general art of your astrian in many other ways… you’ll just have to see how. Its a surprise.

Art Dolls are ONLY given to ACTIVE members. To Receive your Art Doll you must go through and complete the Branch 1 ChromaTree Achievements 

Special Tickets

There are two kinds of rare tickets you can get as a reward in certain quests.

A Special Select Ticket will allow you to choose one of any item that is available in that collection.

A Red’s Sanctuary Ticket will allow you to claim a creature in an event group if the creature is the color shown on the ticket. This means you don’t have to race to claim a creature, those with a ticket will have first chance at a creature in the event group, and you can claim it for free. You can use it even if you recently received a variant of the creature. You can NOT use it on a creature that you already have 3 variants of.

Systems and Mechanics

Point Systems

There are three different type of Points you can earn: EXP, Pixels and Crystals. These are earned automatically for completing different actions on the site. Your point values are shown on your profile page.

EXP – Experience Points. EXP is what allows you go gain your astrian levels

Pixels – This is the main currency. You use pixels to buy most of the items and pets in the Shops.

Crystals – Crystals are primarily earned from leveling your Astrian. You use Crystals to add to your Astrian’s stats, Weapon levels and Pet specialties.

Whenever you earn Crystals, spend them to raise your stats. Visit Silver’s Upgrade Shop to put your crystals into any of the following stats:
Energy – equivalent to your Hit Points (HP)
Defense – Resistance to attacks.
Value – how Intelligent you are
Saturation – determines your strength
Flow – determines how well you work with others
Mind – being able to think outside of the box

WINGS – This is a Patreon-exclusive currency used to purchase premium items! Patreon members receive 5 wings each month.

There are two ways to receive wings otherwise, I will be looking for creative and amusing activity posts AND comments and will reward one wing for each one I find. I’ll reward one wing for a post and one for a comment at the end of the month. You can also earn wings in login bonuses.


Earning EXP and Pixels

Astrian Level Rewards

Your Astrian Level is determined automatically based on the total amount of EXP you earn.  As you earn Levels you will recieve rewards for certain milestones! You can also recieve extras for your Astrian as part of the Astria League. 

  • Level 2 – treasure item from the current area
  • Level 3 – 3D Avatar
  • Level 4 – Small Weapon Upgrade
  • Level 5 – Discord Emote
  • Level 10 – 2nd Outfit
  • Level 15 – ??? 


Achievements encompass everything you can earn as you explore the website. Here are the different types of Achievements you will find:


The ChromaTree is your main Skill Tree and is the main set of achievements that will develop your astrian and help you learn about the world of Astria. Completing achievements here will unlock Power Upgrades, earn you EXP and perhaps a few other surprises down the road!

View All the ChromaTree Achievements here

Power Upgrades

This set of Achievements provide abilities for your Weapons, extra skills to add on to your astrian, and rounds out your Astrian’s overall arsenal. Power upgrades become available to you by completing ChromaTree achievements and then can be unlocked for you using your Pixels.


There are three main shops: The Alliance shop, Red’s Sanctuary Shop and The Wing Shop


Titles are purely fun achievements that you earn from your interactions on the site. You can earn Pixels from unlocking them. See if you can unlock them all!

Twitch Events

The main events are held during my Twitch Livestreams on Saturdays. This is where the main live roleplay happens as you can freely discuss what is going on in the twitch chat. Normally on Saturdays I’ll be doing Art Live, creating pieces from Astria Legends and discussing Lore and worldbuilding.

Alliance Streams

At least twice a month will be Alliance Streams. This is where new items, creatures, astrians and more are revealed and is the best chance for you to snag all sorts of addons for your astrian. Twitch currency (MegaPixels) is the currency used to buy anything that becomes available during the event. And yes, members are allowed to purchase addons on behalf of others. – On Hiatus


There are a number of challenges that you can participate in! Challenges earn you EXP and can offer unique and rare items/creatures.

Masterpiece Challenge

Masterpiece challenges require you to create a scene using your Art doll and any clothing and furniture that you’ve received. Each challenge will have a theme that you will have to base your scene around. You are not required to use everything you have, on the contrary, choosing pieces strategically from your collection will end up creating a much better scene.

Since everything you recieve is digital pngs, it is even simpler to create your challenges! the best free app you can use is Canva, and simply upload and resize your images to create a stunning picture. To save it off, hit the share button and then download.

Once you have  your scene, post your photo in the Activity Stream!

Coloring Challenges

These challenges are you coloring the given lineart in your own way. You can color it by hand or digitally. Entries will be put up for voting to decide a winner! All entries will be showcased on the official Instagram!


If you were gifted an Astrian, and then you sign up on Patreon,
-You can get a Limited Edition pet species for your Astrian. this is a unique pet that no other Astrian will have and you will have the freedom to develop that pet’s species however you want and give out gachas of them as well.

Can I get another Astrian for someone else?
While I used to allow this, it is way too hard to track. If you would like to gift an Astrian to someone else, You will need to double your Patreon pledge for whichever tier you are at. That way I can track both.
Those who already have another Astrian for someone else will keep them.

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