ALCG Rulings, Misprints and Errata

RULING: CVA’S IGNITION SWORD: Can you play multiple of this card at once? Because this card shields against the first 30 damage, technically all swords would absorb the damage at the same time and would all be erased at the same time. This is different from TIMELY MANEUVERS which just shields 20 damage. The omission of ‘first’ means that you could play multiple of this card and it would shield against 20 damage each.

RULING: BUSH BUNNY & LIL STUMPY: Can “next time I’m the target of a power” abilities stack? No. Once you have a counter for the ability, you do not get another one until after the first goes away.

RULING: WATERMELON RED // SEED SHOOTER: How do weapon effects add to Watermelon’s Seed Sensation power? Weapons add effects to damage going to the target. it does not effect the AOE damage. So for seed shooter as an example, if it would add 20 damage to her power, that would cause 30 damage to the target, but still only 10 to the other members of the team.

ERRATA: FROST FIR TREE SAP: Activity text should say: “Combine with Citrus Mushrooms to heal all team members and remove all their status effects”

MISSPRINT: TIMELY MANEUERS & TRICKY TACTICS: Printed with the wrong set symbol, should be Ocean Majesty.

MISSPRINT: YAITALI: Tail Block should have a Shield symbol. It is a Passive Action.

MISSPRINT: DIVA BLUE AMBIANCE: Printed without a Power name: Her power is called Relentless Storm.

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