Nickname: none






Amaranth Immortality


Alternate Keta unto the Ila Red Ambroshia.

Amaranth is a loner, who normally excels at causing people to fear her because of her ‘creepiness’, which stems from her outward appearance and general attitude. She is very nonchalant and many say she comes off as being someone who gets amusement from others pain. She is brutally honest, fearless (for the most part), a fierce fighter and takes her job very seriously. She only respects Red’s authority, as she she may or may not obey any other Ila, depending on the day.

Contrary to popular belief, Amaranth harbors a deep compassion for others and it is her past experiences dealing with others that has made her as ‘cold’ as she is (guarding her heart).

Civilian name: AIYANNA “ever-blooming”

Reference Animal: Spotted Skunk

Markings: Ankh


  • Physical: blood, amaranth perennials
  • Traits/Emotions: immortality
  • Other: Amaranth comes from the Greek a (not) + marainean (to waste away), i.e., a flower believed to grow on Mount Olympus which never died.

Pets: none