Astria Galaxy

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Dymona by Artem Ficta Red by Kylynazur Eva by silentillusion Eva by Raiyasha

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The Astria Galaxy is a crystallized galaxy that draws power from the Sharalit (Harmony) Crystal in it’s center. Surrounding this central crystal are 8 large colored shards that together form the Spectrums. These Spectrums are where the Astrians live and are in Rainbow order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) with the addition of a Gold and a Silver Spectrum. Each Spectrum is vastly different from the others and in a full representation of everything the Spectrum color stands for. The Sharalit plus the Spectrums is known as the ChromaSphere and is essentially the ‘atmosphere’ for the rest of the galaxy. The Sharalit Crystal sits in the middle of a large crystalized mass, known as “The Cradle of Life”. Within this mass are planets that are sustained by the energy within the mass itself. A couple of the planets that are known to be within the Cradle of Life are Zanali and Clandestine. The void that surrounds the planets within the Cradle of Life is called the Elia, and can be fatal to the inhabitants of the planets.


The Galaxy is one that is completely based on Color and Color Theory. In this space, Energy and Color are one in the same. This is the basis for all magical ability that is found in the galaxy, and that everything that makes us who we are, can be traced back to a color or colors. Everything in the Galaxy, physically, mentally and spiritually is represented by one or more colors (and by relation, one or more Spectrums). This energy flows freely around both The ChromaSphere and The Elia, and is volatile at best, though no one knows why. The only species that can tame and control the energy are the The Astrians . The energy is linked to movement. The amount of energy that is required is directly proportional to the amount of movement required to obtain it. This means that a low level ability will only require a sequence of hand motions to access, while a highest level ability will require full body movement. Only Astrians are equipped with the demanding mobility required to wield the energy because they are made from it.


This current formation of crystals is how Astria has looked forever to most of the population. Though there are rumors that this wasn’t always the case. The Sharalit crystal is believed to have once given off what was termed as the Unity fluid, a rainbow liquid that would run through it’s cracks and energize whatever it touched. They say its what made the Cradle of Life possible. Though many take these tales as myth, some researchers claim that the shards surrounding the spectrums prove that the crystals were once whole. Why the spectrums are colored now vs white like the Sharalit Crystal remains unknown. Some wonder if there could be life on the shards just as there is life on the Spectrums.

Looking over the Horizon you see something sparkling. When you reach it you find the Alstonia key. 

Angelic Empyress


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