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Welcome to the Astria League!

What is the Astria League


The Astria League is a fun, friendly way of playing the Astria Legends Trading Card Game while helping to build a thriving community around the game. In the League you earn points for playing and doing certain things within a game, and are focused on enjoyment of the games more than being competitive. The points earned can be redeemed for all sorts of prizes.

How to Join

Right now, the League has no entry fee, but this could change in the future as we grow and have access to better prize pools. To join the League you need to join the Astria Legends official Discord, where points are tracked and prizes can be redeemed. All scheduled events are also announced there.

Earning League Pixels

Players play casual matches and earn points for attending, playing, and winning. 

Points are called League Pixels

You get LPs for: 

5 – First Time Player

2 – Participation

2 – Bring a Friend to play

2 – Winning

1 – Performing an Activity

1 – KO a SIN through an Action

3 – Divine Intervention

1 – Using an Upgrade (must attach and use within a game)

3 – Team Wipeout Win 

2 – Teach someone to Play

Note: Win and Team Wipeout Win are mutually exclusive. You win one or the other, not both.

2024 Season Bonuses

+2 – Bring a Friend to play

+5 – Record a match not run by Angelic Empyress

+10 – Host an Event at your local Shop


Astrian Rewards

Being a part of the Astria League and the Astrian Alliance gives you access to some unique benefits! Your scores will be tracked on this site and your history will be maintained between seasons. You become part of the Official Competitive League Roster and are eligable to compete for Astrian-exclusive titles.

 – Champion: This title is given to the Astrian with the most points at the end of the season. So be sure to play as many games as you can!

 – Arch-Astrian: This title is given to those who maintain at least a 3-0 streak. As the season comes to a close, Arch-Astrians will be pitted against one another so that at the end there is ONLY ONE.

These titles at the end of the season, automatically earn your Astrian a 3D MODEL! You will also have your Astrian posed in the Champion/Arch-Astrian official robes as your avatar picture on the site. 

Titled Astrians will also receive very special Promo cards with the Astria League Logo.


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Astria League


July 2024
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League Roster

Player List 2024

Midnight BlueTeam Blue
Ocean TurquoiseTeam Blue
Rosewood RedTeam Red
Sap GreenTeam Green
Iolite Blue-
Mint GreenTeam Green
Mikado YellowTeam Yellow
Topaz BlueTeam Blue

Current Season

League Standings

Astria League 2024

0Mikado Yellow00000100000052210
0Topaz Blue0000000000000000

Past Seasons

2023 League Standings

Astria League Table



If you were gifted an Astrian, and then you sign up on Patreon,
-You can get a Limited Edition pet species for your Astrian. this is a unique pet that no other Astrian will have and you will have the freedom to develop that pet’s species however you want and give out gachas of them as well.

Can I get another Astrian for someone else?
While I used to allow this, it is way too hard to track. If you would like to gift an Astrian to someone else, You will need to double your Patreon pledge for whichever tier you are at. That way I can track both.
Those who already have another Astrian for someone else will keep them.

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