Astria Legends News and Updates – February 2024

WE ARE BACK!!! The website is Live under a NEW host and it runs faster, smoother and better! Just like it always should have. I am VERY excited to welcome all of you back to the site, with a very much improved experience. I’m hoping the move gives you motivation to come back and look around.

With that said, What can you find on the site? Well for one, I have FIXED the current Quest Line: The Sentient Orange, now Part 2 and the Title Achievement have proper steps so you can finish the story. I honestly had no Idea it was messed up. Those of you who did part 2 will have to redo it, or send me a link where you posted your stuff and I can manually award you those steps.


In honor of Valentines Day, I’ve brought back the Date Night and Blizzard Bliss outfits in the Alliance Shop. The VS Heart collection and Heart Haven are still around as well.

But the BIGGEST reveal on the site is the FIRST ALLIANCE SPOTLIGHT EVENT. This event features Red and starts a story that will span a few Alliance Spotlights. Her event can gain you the Dalbergia Cub badge (along with 150 EXP) and all the steps for the badge can be found here: .

The Sleuth Alliance Spotlight Login Bonus

Angelic Empyress

Day 1
10 Pixels
Day 2
10 Pixels
Day 3
10 EXP
Day 4
1 Crystal
Day 5
1 Wing
Day 6
VS Heart Vase
Day 7
20 EXP
Day 8
20 Pixels
Day 9
30 EXP
Day 10
2 Crystals
Day 11
2 Wings
Day 12
Dalbergia Cave Background

Start the event with a Special Daily Login Bonus Calendar running from tonight through the 29th!


The event also includes new Alliance Shop items! Custom clothing made in the fashion of Rosewood’s outfit, and her special streaming chair! Make sure you leave Rosewood a lot of love on her profile!

Thanks for being so patient and I hope you enjoy all I have in store for all of you this year

Angelic Empyress


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