August 2023 Updates! New Quest, and Horizon Release Prep!

The August Updates really usher in a version 2.0 of the Alliance and the way the website works. I hope these changes make your stay here a lot more enjoyable!
The 2.0 version actually focuses on Knowledge, rather than the DnD route that never really manifested itself. This goes back to the original plan for the site game, to be a reward for Exploration. Basically being rewarded for reading! By exploring the site, your knowledge allows your astrian to grow. With that said, stats will move from a battle theme to being something that unlocks additional site content, be it lore or quests. 

The Adventure Guide has had a major update to talk to all the changes. Remember this guide tells you everything you need to know to enjoy the Alliance and all it has to offer.

New Stat Accumulation

Before, you were asked to manually fill in your main stats based on how many Crystals you’ve earned. Well no more of that. Silver’s Upgrade Shop now carries each of the stats as Achievements you can earn by spending your Crystals. Now you don’t have to manually keep track. This will also allow for other upgrades to be paid for with Crystals. As an addition for the 2.0 version, future quests and lore may have a stat requirement in order to view, so be sure you are upgrading your stats!

Horizon Preparation Login Bonus

Horizon Preparation Login Bonus

Angelic Empyress

Day 1
10 Pixels
Day 2
10 Pixels
Day 3
10 EXP
Day 4
1 Crystal
Day 5
Neon Nights Rug
Day 6
50 Pixels
Day 7
10 EXP
Day 8
100 Pixels
Day 9
1 Crystal
Day 10
2 Wings

As we get closer to the Astria Legends TCG Horizon Set Release I thought it would be good to have a 10-day login bonus to get all the astrians prepared for what’s to come! This login bonus ends on the 25th, the day before the official release! You can expect a new special Login bonus set once Horizon releases.

The Sentient Orange? Quest

With the 2.0 version I wanted to make sure to have a full Quest ready to go. One that really did what I envisioned for the quests on the site. The Sentient Orange? is the first of these Quests! Uncover a mini story while exploring Orange’s Spectrum! This quest is available for everyone and does not have an end date.

VS Heart and VS Nature Furniture Collections in the Shop

In honor of the Horizon release, two new furniture collections are available in the shop that focus on the battle between Red and Green. The VS Nature and VS Heart collections complement and rival each other in the way they look and feel. Which will you add to your collection?

More to come!

Angelic Empyress


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