30 Crystals

“I see you are having fun now young hue.” The voice coos, “Now you are one among the multitude of other hues within the Spectrum that you chose.” she paused, “You must make a name for yourself, to stand out not only amongst your fellow hues but others within your very lineage.” The color that flows freely now starts to bend and pull you in different ways. Your mind is full of the different aspects that make the Spectrum unique and you feel your body move and sway to the color’s callings. “You’ve spent your juvenile time within the Aura learning about yourself, and you know yourself more than anyone you will meet.” the voice laughs, “Except maybe me and The Exalted One, but I digress…” she paused again, and you can see rainbow colored eyes on the horizon, seeming to stare into your soul. “It is time for you to declare your Alias Name, the Main Trait that you want to become and will determine the color name that you will become borne into. Feel the flow of the color, see which way it pulls you feels the most natural and matches what you’ve spent so long learning about yourself. Only you know who you are.”

3 Steps

  1. Requires the “Learning to Fly” Achievement
  2. Learn about the Astrians themselves
  3. Choose Your Main Trait

People who have earned this:

  • Profile photo of Cerulean Blue
  • Profile photo of Mint Green Contender
  • Profile photo of Rutile Gold Confidence
  • Profile photo of Mulberry (Mini Bear)
  • Profile photo of Rosewood (Mama Bear)
  • Profile photo of Peacock Green Charisma
  • Profile photo of Midnight Blue
  • Profile photo of Chaos Cadmium Red
  • Profile photo of Maple Pink Sportsmanship
  • Profile photo of Persian Rose Fierceness
Angelic Empyress