30 EXP

“You feel that?” The voice speaks again “Like gentle winds that hug and comfort you. That is the energy of creation. Now you must learn to move through it.”
“hmm? Who am I? Well you could say I’m the one at the center of this galaxy. Unknown to most, but sought by some. I am the Harmony of it all. But that is a story for another time young one.”
There is a short pause and all you hear is the soothing wurr of the air around you. “This time, is for you.” the voice whispers. “Now that you are connected to the flow of color, in order to be able to move through it, manipulate it and truly become one with it, you must find the spectral path that calls to you.”

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3 Steps

  1. Requires the “Taking First Steps” Achievement
  2. Read the Quick Guide to the Spectrums
  3. Choose Your Color

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