Citrus Castle, Orange Spectrum

Fan Art

Dymona by Artem Ficta Red by Kylynazur Eva by silentillusion Eva by Raiyasha

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(Full Screen – button in the top right of the map – for a better experience. Press ESC to end full screen)

Angelic Empyress


  1. “Ma’am, despite my playful demeaner, I am a frog wearing a Bandana! the Bandana denotes an air of seriousness. I assure you i am not joking that your brother has sent me!”

  2. I have no desire to lie to you. Your brother sent me and I am would like to deliver your words but I believe he would rather hear them from your own lips rather than mine.

  3. I believe in your want to save the Legions but I think you have to talk to your Brother in order to find that solution.

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