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Spring Break Login Rewards

Angelic Empyress

Day 1
5 Pixels
Day 2
5 Pixels
Day 3
10 EXP
Day 4
10 Pixels
Day 5
10 Pixels
Day 6
Heart Heaven Background
Day 7
10 EXP
Day 8
15 Pixels
Day 9
1 Crystal
Day 10
Neon Nights Background
Day 11
15 Pixels
Day 12
20 EXP
Day 13
1 Crystal
Day 14
1 Wing
Day 15
Bush Bunny Pet!

One Time Rewards

  • Change Profile Picture – 50 Pixels and 50 EXP
  • Change Cover Image – 50 Pixels and 50 EXP


Rewards you can earn each day!

  • Daily Visit the Website – 10 Pixels 
  • Reply to a Member’s Activity Post – 15 EXP + 25 Pixels (up to 2 times a day) : NOTE: this is only the alliance member activity posts, not articles on the site. 


Rewards that reset each week!

  • See what’s the latest news in Astria (Visit an article) – 25 EXP + 10 Pixels
  • Publish an Activity Post – 10 EXP + 50 Pixels (up to 2 per week)
  • Comment on Astria News – 20 Pixels


Rewards that reset each month!

  • Update Profile Information – 100 EXP + 100 Pixels
Angelic Empyress



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