First Defense

Written by Astrian Mint Green

The camera pans through the Spectrum Alliance Wrestling arena, various colored Astrians are shown entering the building showing tickets for the show. As that’s happening, the camera cuts to backstage, showing various green Astrians of all different shapes and sizes chatting with each other, some laughing, others nearly shouting at each other, but the feel in the place is comradery with everyone wanting to do their best in the show. Once passed more Green Astrians, the camera follows a Harecean towards the feet boots of a familiar pony Astrian, only for him to pick up said Harecean, and give her some scratches behind the ear. “Maquiya, how’d you get here?” Mint asks, smiling as he kisses the top of the creature’s head. “You know what, I don’t care, you’re exactly what I need right now.” He said, holding Maquiya close to his chest as he paces back and forth, the Harecean kneading into his arms before falling asleep, purring. “I’d love to keep holding you all night, but I have to get ready for my match.” Mint said, carefully putting his Harecean onto the bench, and giving her a small stuffed animal to snuggle to as she sleeps. “Okay, let’s go.” Mint said as he put on a pair of goggles, his hat, and threw the championship belt over his shoulder before leaving.

After a few hours of other Green Astrians wrestling, the crowd starts to hear a familiar theme ( Skillet – You Ain’t Ready ) as a green bear walks out from behind the curtain, the crowd giving him a negative response as he walks down towards the ring. “Yeah yeah, I’m getting my rematch against that lucky punk, and there’s nothing you guys can do about it!” He said, pointing to everyone in the crowd before he rolls under the bottom rope and climbs onto the second rope in a corner, mocking Mint Green’s pose before jumping off of the corner rope. “Let’s get this over with.” He said to himself as he stares down the rampway, pacing back and forth in the ring, just as the crowd starts to hear another familiar theme. ( The Script – Hall Of Fame ) The moment Mint Green steps out from the curtains, he looks around at the various colored Astrians in the crowd before looking at the S.A.W Championship belt, and holding it up as he walks down the ramp. The moment Mint Green gets to the ring, he locks eyes with his opponent as he climbs onto the apron, then into the ring, neither Green Astrian taking their eyes off of the other as TGA puts the belt over his shoulder and backs into a corner. Once the referee is given the belt from Mint, he shows it to Mint’s opponent before standing in the middle of the wrestling ring and holds it up for the crowd to see.

The moment the bell rings, the two Astrians start walking in a clockwise circle as if they’re expecting the other to pounce first. Right as Mint is about to take a step forward, his opponent suddenly charges at him and begins to maul him, throwing his lighter opponent around like a rag doll, forcing Mint to accidentally spray his Mystical Green Mist out of his mouth after one of the bigger throws which forced him to bounce off of the ropes onto his back HARD. The ref tries to push Mint’s opponent away from him in order to make sure Mint could still fight, just as Mint grips the ropes and slowly struggles to his feet, the crowd reacting like they’re witnessing a murder with horrified expressions on each of their faces, parents covering young Astrian’s eyes so they don’t witness the massacre going on in front of them, others throwing up in trashcans, all while Mint Green gets to his feet slower, and slower, and slower than the last time.

As the match goes on, Mint’s opponent just keeps on him, not letting Mint gain a second of rest. The Bear grips Mint’s hair and pulls him to eye level. “GIVE UP!” He yells before Mint headbutts him, causing his bigger opponent to stumble backwards in surprise. “As long as I still have green light, I’ll always keep fighting.” He said, breathing heavily as he starts throwing punches at his opponent with what little energy he has left, right before The Bear grips him by the throat and chokeslams Mint over the top rope onto the floor, causing the green pony to put a hand to his back and cry out in pain before crawling to the barricade. “C-come on, is that all you got?” He asks, still remaining defiant as he finally gets to his two feet and turns to the ring, his chest clearly heaving up and down as to almost gulp up any air. The Bear starts to get out of the ring, only for Mint to quickly jump from the barricade, and hit his opponent in the head with a knee strike, only to stumble backwards and lean against the barricade again. “There’s got to be something around here.” He said as he starts walking along the barricade, looking in the crowd before seeing a vendor. “Hey buddy, over here.” He said, waving the vendor over to him. “Thank the High Ila.” Mint said before grabbing a pair of carrots and quickly eating them. “I’ll pay you after the match.” Mint said as he climbs onto the apron, as The Bear quickly tried to swipe his claws over to Mint, only for him to quickly duck under and kick him in the side of the head. “Not today!” He said before slingshotting himself over the top rope, delivering a DDT to his opponent. “Come on!” Mint said, clapping his hands, the crowd starting to clap along as Mint springboards off the ropes into a hurricanrana before clambering to his feet and backs into a corner. He closes his eyes and starts raising his arms over his head before gripping the ropes, pointing at The Bear. “Last Shot!” He said before running over and delivering multiple Horse Kicks to The Bear’s head, the moment Mint delivers the last one, he grips The Bear’s legs and goes for the pin, and the ref counts to 3.

After a few hours, Mint sits in his home, munching on some carrots as he watches his Harecean swim around in her enclosure, chasing around a laser. “Keep going Maquiya, you almost have it!” He said, just as Maquiya jumps from her enclosure, and into Mint’s arms, yawning. “I guess it’s that time.” He said before yawning himself, turning off the lights, and heading to his room.

The End.

Angelic Empyress


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