Journey Quests Starts

Use this thread to post the Event you are starting along with your loadout for the adventure. Reply to the comment of the event you are participating in. Please include:

Weapon Type and Weapon Name you have equipped (You can only have one weapon UNLESS the event says otherwise)
Weapon Camo (optional and only if you have one)
Weapon Abilities (coming soon… will be updated once available)
Pet companion (only one unless the event says otherwise)
Pet companion skill (coming soon…will be updated once available)
Special Armor/Accessories equipped (these are special items that you must ACTUALLY equip to your Art Doll and take a picture of it in order for it to count as being equipped for the event) You can post the picture in the activity feed and just note it here. (Coming Soon)
Inventory Items : Items you are taking with you that you create from Recipes. No more than 3 of any item. For these you MUST have purchased the required ingredients for the items you list here (and the ingredients must not be expired)


Angelic Empyress


    • Weapon Type and Weapon Name you have equipped: Totem // Wisp Hive
      Weapon Camo: None
      Weapon Abilities: (I know this isn’t finished, but…) Wisp Braid-aids
      Pet companion: Chromatic Penquini, Pylette
      Pet companion skill: (I’m just gonna be creative here) “Actual Real” Penguin Flight
      Inventory Items: Citrus Musrooms and Candy Canes

  1. Weapon Type and Name: Wand (Named: Bella)
    Weapon Camo: None
    Weapon Abilities: TBD
    Pet Companion: Accelerator the Overdrive
    Pet Companion Skills: TBD
    Special Armor/Accessories:None
    Inventory Items: 1 mushroom and 2 dream puffs.

  2. Weapon Type and Weapon Name: Sling 13 Slingshot

    Pet companion: Chromatic Melonian Turtle…Jackie R

    Inventory Items: none

  3. Chaos Cadmium Red

    Weapon Type /Weapon Skill: TBA

    Pet Companion: Penqinishiny

    Pet Companion Skills: TBA

    Special Armor/Accessories: TBA

    Inventory Items: Candy Canes, Dream Puff and Frost Fir

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