Lil Stumpies Appear!

From the depths of the Forests, just in time for the mischief of October, one of the most prankster critters of Green’s Spectrum makes an appearance! Lil Stumpies!
These little guys love nothing more then stand perfectly still in the tall grass hoping some unlucky astrian will trip over their stump. (So if you are ever walking around and trip over a stump you swear wasn’t there before, you probably found a lil stumpy.)

You can Adopt your own Lil Stumpy for 40 Pixels. As a matter of fact, all the common pets can now be adopted with Pixels, which will be the standard from here on out. So be on the lookout for other creatures to join your family. Special Variants will show up in the shop every now and then for a limited time!

To the The Pet Shop

Learn how to earn Pixels!

You notice something odd…

Yes, a lot of things are changing around the site! I have reset the pixels as i’m combining it and the feathers into a single currency. Plus with the new addition of the Pet Shop and the closing of the Ingredients… there was a big need to change some things around. There will be a lot of additions to the site and new things for you to use your Pixels for, as well as more ways to earn them. Just needed to reset everyone since the cost of items is going to drastically go down to make it a lot more balanced.

Angelic Empyress


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