Lime Green

Lime Green

Sourna Limonia






Lime Attraction


Light Keta to the Ila Green Nature.

Lime is the twin to Lemon Yellow only instead of being identical they turned out being opposites and living in two different spectrums. While Lemon represents all that repels, Lime represents attraction.

Contrary to her representation, she rather dislikes other creatures and finds it annoying that everywhere she goes all sorts of creatures start following her. So rather than embracing them she can usually be found telling who knows what to go away, despite the fact that they cant really help it. Because of this, she is very rarely seen leaving the ChromaSphere.

Reference: Limes

Wings: ???

Markings: Symbolizes the Lime Light.


  • Physical Symbolism: Limes
  • Psychological Symbolism: Attraction
  • Other: limelight

Pets: Irisanii: Light