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Chaos Cadmium Red

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Pets Name: Pebbles

Pet Type: Penqinishiny

Chosen Pet ability: Finding glittery and small shiny things for craft projects.

Grade: Shiny


Pets Name: Tiny Tim

Pet Type: Meltonian Turtle

Chose Pet ability: Helps in the garden with digging and keeping weeds and bugs out of the flowers flower gardens. With claws and nose to help.

Pet Grade: C


Pets Name: Fluff

Pet Type: Dreameez (Female)

Chosen Pet ability: Helping provide spores for sleeping or for different variations for relaxing.

Grade: C


Pets Name: SolSpear

Pet Type: BreeBee

Chosen Pet ability: Helps provide the extra kick to the hot chocolate version of high energy drink.

Grade: C


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Astria Aliance Points
45 Crystals
1447 EXP
721 pixels
10 Wings
Astrian Level 2