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    3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Chadmin Red Chaos was cleaning as Pebbles went to get the dustpan and suddenly sending more sugar crystals into the dust pile. Chadmin paused and looked at it and scooped them up. She grabbed a canvas and told pebbles to grab the other scraps bin of craft supplies she had from various leftover projects. She spends her time sprinkling the various craft supplies creating a swirling ball of various paper, glitter, ribbon and strings. She made them like the dust ball and then took the dust outside putting it in a small bucket to be dumped in her bigger trash can. She tapped the dustpan and walked back inside as she continued going back to cleaning with pebbles and her other pets clamoring for attention that she took pebbles outside to get more inspiration for her painting. And to see her pets and give them lots of love.

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