Mystery Mix – Winter Sky

The Winter Sky Mystery mix takes on a wintery theme and is the first ever Mystery Mix! This Mystery Mix will be available through May 13th 2022.

A Mystery Mix ticket can be purchased through 250 Mega Pixels (Twitch). Limits: 2 of each furniture piece, 2 of each item, 1 of each kind of ticket and 1 of each outfit.

Item Drop List:

  • Sky Temple
    • Peacock Green – B
  • Winter Bloom
    • Amazonite Green – A
    • Blush Pink – A
    • Pastel Pink – B
  • Starlit Night Table
    • Blush Pink (2)
    • Rosewood Red
    • Amazonite Green
    • Peacock Green
  • Starlit Night Stool
    • Peacock Green (2)
    • Blush Pink
  • Starlit Night Chair
    • Amazonite Green
    • Persian Rose
    • Peacock Green
  • Starlit Night Streamer Chair
    • Amazonite Green
    • Mulberry Purple
  • Sharalit Candleabra
    • Alexandrite Red
  • Date Night
    • Pastel Pink – Purple
  • Blizzard Bliss
    • Mint Green – Purple and Red
    • Maple Pink – Purple
    • Peacock Green – Red
  • Dragowl (Sharalit)
    • Peacock Green
    • Amazonite Green
  • SnowFlurries
    • Maple Pink – Blue
    • Lavender Rose – Red
  • Mystery Mix Special Select Ticket
    • Amazonite Green
Angelic Empyress


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