New Pets and Daily Login Bonus Return!

As the Hanyeh festival rolls around, two new pets can be found! Hiding among all the fruits and veggies you just might find a little Pekpo or a glowing Jack-O-Hare! They tend to come out to help celebrate the special occasion but also they LOVE the aroma of food. 

You can snag a Pekpo in the Pet Shop for 40 pixels and you can get a Jack-O-Hare by completing the Hanyeh Daily Login Bonus!

To the The Pet Shop

Learn how to earn Pixels!

Now’s the time to log in…

The Hanyeh Daily Login Bonus will run from Nov 15 to Nov 30th and you get a Jack-O-Hare for its completion! You can also get an assortment of Pixels, EXP and Crystals. 

Hanyeh Login Rewards

Angelic Empyress

Day 1
5 Pixels
Day 2
Day 3
5 Pixels
Day 4
1 ChocoTree
Day 5
Day 6
1 Crystal
Day 7
10 EXP
Day 8
15 Pixels
Day 9
2 Crystals
Day 10
Jack-O-Hare Pet
Angelic Empyress


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