The Astrian Alliance is an Art Collection RPG (ACRPG) and one of the only RPGs like this that exists today. Once you are a member of the Alliance, an Astrian will be created for you and become your blank slate to grow and develop! Participate to earn everything from weapons to items to Creatures and more for your Astrian, and as such, you receive all the art of everything you earn! The Alliance is designed to be an open RPG in that there are ways to participate whether you have a lot of time or not, and isn’t defined by how skilled an artist or writer you are.

The world this RPG is based around has its foundations in Christian principles but you do not have to be christian to join. It focuses more on dealing with mental illness, with the Astrians’ adversaries being the Sentient Influences of Negativity (SINs) who are parasitic personifications of emotions from Fear and Doubt to Depression and Anxiety. This community serves as a support group for anyone that struggles with any SIN and offers a positive outlet to conquer them.

Welcome to Astria.

The absence of Unity has left a very destructive force. One that is feeding off the inhabitants of the galaxy. These SINs only know of one adversary… The Astrians. As the angels of living breathing color, they struggle to keep the force in check. Can the Astrians reignite Unity? Or will their discord ultimately destroy their world?

You are an Astrian, charged with the protection and cultivation of the Astria Galaxy in a time when the Spectrums are anything but unified. Learn the secrets of the world of living breathing color and a history that is just as deadly as the present.

Character Creation

Every Subscriber will receive an Astrian Drawn and Created by myself! Each Astrian is created with a lot of time and care. Please be patient. I try to reflect each member in their character as best I can. You can only have ONE Astrian.

Each Astrian created starts as a blank slate so they are pretty plain at the beginning. The amount that you participate in the community and are generally active overall will determine how much growth and development your astrian will have.

Interactive RPG

  • Go on interactive adventures and Explore the world of Astria during live event Twitch Streams.
  • Go on Mini Quests and Challenges in the RP room
  • Bring your Astrian to life through their own social media like profile. Make posts, write journal entries and share artwork. Then comment and socialize with your other fellow astrians!
  • Earn EXP and level up your Astrian’s stats.
  • Earn Awards (with physical awards available to Plus and Elite Tiers)
  • Be a part of mini stories done visual novel style.
  • Unlock hidden content

Art Collecting

In your quest to develop your Astrian, you have the opportunity to earn everything from weapons to abilities, to pets and furniture. And everything you earn, you will receive the art of. You get a growing collection of personalized art that goes with your Astrian!

Monthly Art

As part of the subscription you get a selection of art prints and merch each month, ranging from alliance art to official Astria Legends art.

Paper Doll/Figurine

As part of the art collecting, you will also receive a 11″ paper doll version of your Astrian. Alliance Tier Plus and Elite members receive an upgraded Magnetic Articulated Figurine. All the art that you collect for your Astrian will be made to go with your Doll/Figurine! You can also earn more outfits for them.

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