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If you have an achievement step that requires manual approval, post a comment in this thread with what the achievement and step is, and I will go verify and approve. Also if you have gotten to the Team Spectrum part of the Branch 1 ChromaTree Achievements, let me know here as well!

NOTE: For ANY prompt, post your actual response to the prompt in the Activity feed, then post a comment here with the achievement and step you are completing. 

Angelic Empyress


  1. I am Spectre Silver Stereo.

    I am a ghost for I walk alone. I am a Guardian for I watch, and I wait. I patrol the grounds I haunt. I am never truly gone.

    I am not nice, nor am I evil. The world does not need me. I do what must be done. I do not do as I choose, no matter how many have proclaimed I’ve made my choice. For those I am brought to surround, I always shy away for fear of smothering anyone.

    I play the fool to cheer those around me up… but the mask cracks, and I am shamed for my insincerity.

    I play the advisor to those who are troubled… but they misunderstand the attempt at empathy.

    I play the rival to lighten the mood… but am cast away as a villain, my every act a travesty.

    I am told to be myself. Who am I really? Who was I ever, but someone trying to simply play their part.
    One day, I will breathe the air to it’s fullest. Someday I will have the boundless surge of energy. Someworld, the chains will fall away from my heart.

  2. I’m Midnight Blue! I’m known for having the ability to nap on command whenever and wherever I want! My main sins I fight against constantly are Sloth (ObViOuSLy XD ) and Pride (I tend to flex more than I should sometimes but I’m working on it). My weapon of choice is the Lance/Partisan I’m also known for my precision with my weapons. I’m looking forward to working with you guys, if it seems like I’m being lazy trust me it’s all part of my plan XD

  3. My name is Persian Rose Fierceness, I have a heart of gold for all of the Astrians here. I’m truly a lover and not a fighter, but If I do have to fight, i will fight for the ones I love. I truly look forward to meeting all of you as we travel throughout the spectrums together.

  4. I am neither friend nor foe. I love to play games, but I wouldn’t trust me on that. I will play both sides and turn against you. Sometimes I can play well with others but only where friendly fire isn’t allowed.

    I am devious as I have mischief, I enjoy wrapping gifts but adding tape and staples to just make it more fun to unwrap. In my games of mischief and devious nature I mean limited harm.

    But chaos is neither good nor no evil it’s just a land where my emotions sometimes choose the darker side. I will protect the hues and the friends I make and protect color wheel but to do that I must be chaos.

    I have loyalty that is true and forever once gained. But misuse it and abuse it and destroy the loyalty and trust and I will show just how my passion and fire burns. I will fight the wrongs of my worst sides, just as I show my chaos, I have fight things that haunt me as well and turn me against myself and become my worst enemy.

    Argo makes me doubt that my art is good enough to be seen and shown. Malignitas is when I feel the need to strike back for being hurt neither good reason to fight them. But the worst of them is Ira for in that we fight like cats and dogs.

    My weapon is drawing or painting or sculpting being part of the tools in that weapon from markers, pens, pencils and paintbrushes and sculpting tools to make things that express me. I use them to help my fellow hues and the colors of the spectrums though I struggle with who I am in this chaotic place in my mind I will still chose on my terms to help those who need someone to.

    I am a chaos red and watch me having fun with each smirk and smile and devious plot I can come up with to make you smile. I am a fighter, but love is not forbidden or against myself I just protect it with my armor and my gifts whatever they take me in these lands of reds.

  5. I’m Rosewood Red I like to fight but once you get to know me I’m one of the most chilled girls you could ever meet. I’m fearsly loyal to the ones I consider friends and will protect Astria with everything in me.

  6. I’m just your average little Mini Mulberry, I’m shy at first at lease until you get to know me then I really come out of my shell. My mother is Rosewood and we make a perfect team. (trying to finish step 5 for Know your Enemy)

  7. *lights come up on an empty stage on Aurelius holding a skull.* “Hello, my name is Aurelius Gold, I was told to become who I am truly meant to be I must do this in front of a live forum. I am an actor, who is classically trained. Because like the bard says, “All the world is a stage,” And boy are there many parts for me to play. My primary sins are Depression, Anxiety and Glutton.

    In the acting world I am also trained in multiple variations of combat, though a fighter I am not, I must be well versed in order to gain acting parts, such as in the Wrestling Ring I’ve heard about so much since I was young. I hope to entertain you all soon some day. And like I always say, “Let’s make it showy.”

  8. Howdy y’all, I’m Mint Green Contender. Everyone within the Spectrum Alliance Wrestling organization has allowed me to introduce y’all to some professional wrestling within the spectrum. I know us Greenies, as some of y’all call us, are known for Tree Dancing however it didn’t feel right for a few of us. Here’s hoping we can get along very well.

  9. My mother Midnight Green has been very busy lately and has not been able to pick up fresh produce soooo I decided to head to Mushroom Valley to pick up some premium ingredients. Everything is huge here! I’m fairly certain Mom hasn’t cooked with Orange Spectrum’s ingredients before but I’m certain that McKensington and I will enjoy!

  10. Mushroom Valley is fascinating and beautiful and very orange. That is why it’s in the orange spectrum silly…well anyway the atmosphere is lovely and inviting as you gaze at the long and smooth-running Citrine River. Maybe you’re more interested in the farmlands where you will spot the mighty TractorDrives moving throughout the land tilling and gathering one or more of the nine total veggies and fruit there are.

    I have finished the prompt i hope.

  11. My thoughts of Mushroom Valley is very fascinating. I look around and I am amazed to see how humongous the mushrooms were. I could wander around aimlessly and admire the beautiful scenery.

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