Red Ambroshia

Red Ambroshia

Nickname: The High Ila






Ila Red Ambroshia


Ila to the Exalted One.

Red is known as the High Ila because she is the Queen of all the Astrians. Though she holds a high position, she makes sure that her people know that she is just an astrians as they are. She rules with style and grace, something most cannot figure out how to do. Because she is the Angel of Love, she has a knack for knowing how to relate to all different personalities which helps her gain respect among her people. Unfortunately she resists lead roles in other areas when she can, one of which she holds in deep regret.

Her biggest joy comes from the massive Creature Sanctuary she’s built, that houses not only creatures from Astria but some believe that are creatures that she’s brought from other dimensions. You never know what you might find.

Civilian Name: ???

Reference: Snowshoe Hare and Kitsune

Markings: Eye markings stands for Love.


  • Physical: roses, hearts
  • Traits/Emotions: war, sacrifice, courage, romance, hatred, anger, love, passion
  • Other: cupid, bows and arrows

Pets: Passion (Irisanni), Fiyra (astria phoenix)