Outside of the Discord General guidelines there are some other global rules for this server:
*This is not the place for political or indepth religion talk as these topics tend to bring out the worst in people. This server is a safe place.
* Astria Legends is a Christian based company but you do NOT have to be a christian to be here. Just keep that in mind and please respect it.
* Keep language, links, and photos at a PG-13 level. No sexually explicit content. Notice there are no NSFW channels here.
*Do not use the everyone command. If you must use it contact myself or a mod for permission. This command is used for important announcements only.
*Please do not ask to be a Mod in the server or twitch.
*No harassment, racism, bullying, bashing each other or negatively putting each other down. Punishment for such actions are left to the discretion of my mods.
*Mods have the right to give warnings for other infringements. 3 Warnings and you will be banned.


*Respect others characters. Remember that unlike regular OCs, Astrians are the representation of their owners in Astria. *Ask for CONSENT from the astrian’s owner before RPing anything that could make them uncomfortable (romance/flirting, fight scenes, rivalries, etc…)
*If someone asks you to stop, STOP. No questions asked. *Keep Roleplay PG-13.
*No God-modding. No one is invincible.
*Do not direct others on how their character should or shouldn’t act.

*HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOURSELF! I want this to be a fun place where you feel comfortable.