Team Missile

One of the oldest teams within the Astrian Alliance is Team Missile, run by Blood Red herself. How this team got started was well, let’s just say the antics of a very special Overdrive needed attention and it “takes a team to raise an Oerdrive”…or something like that. The true purpose of the team is also a mystery as well as its members. Its rumored that Blood is the only member to which she will scoff and just might break your windows. 

From their very specific calling cards left at various locations it is the best guess that Team Missile acts more like a secret service or undercover operation, using a mischievous and playful front to hide an intelligence network. From Blood Red’s personal guns, which use pure firestone as ammo, something unheard of for weaponry, mixed with the fact that guns are certainly not the weapon of choice for reds, shows that Team Missile does extensive research into weaponry. Specializing in ammo, they find new ways of generating firepower that not only packs a big punch, but also is renewable and Astria friendly. 

Blood Red herself, even takes on her own endeavors, being the one to discover and harness the chrominikin Bovinasaurs. These creatures are the source of the team’s very durable cloaks and it is said that Blood not only raises them, she trains them and uses them for all sorts of things. Hopefully one day she might share what she’s learned but for now its all kept very confidentially. Even though this chrominikin has become ingrained within the team, Overdrives are still the chrominikin of choice because of thier speed and ease of training??? That last part leaves much to the imagination but that’s their story and they will stick to it!


DALBERGIA SLEUTH – LOG 1 (Part 1 of The Case of the Missing One Storyline)

“it’s crazy just how much that team has gained favor…” a voice says as an overdive stops near and drop its latest attempt at playing fetch. The figure picks up various objects that were not even close to the ball that was thrown. In the mix there was a Rosewood colored bear figurine. The figure chuckled, “Even you were curious about them eh? My you went out of your way to ‘fetch’ this, there must be something to it. mmm seems pretty plain to me.” The overdrive squeaked. “No, no I’m not jealous…” the overdrive revved up slightly, “I am NOT! But I do think it might be time to level up the Missile. Or at least, find some more trouble to get into…” The overdrive revved up and spun around in circles happily. “I knew that would make you happy.” the figure laughed and turned her gaze to the nearby table, “Did you take one of our envelopes? Did you leave it – ??” The overdrive stopped suddenly, a look of deer in headlights on its face. She sighed, “I did teach you to do that so I’m not surprised. Well I should be surprised, you dont do anything else I tell you, at least not how I expect you to anyway.” she smirked, “But this does decide where we are headed next. Let’s go!”

Angelic Empyress


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