The Astrians

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The Astrians are the highest species of the Astria Galaxy. They are angels of living breathing color, which means that each one represents a color or hue. In this, they represent everything that color or hue means symbolically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and so on. They can manipulate anything that is naturally their color.
They were the first creatures in the Galaxy created by The Exalted One. All other species have some type of correlation that leads back to one or more Astrians. They were created as The Exalted One’s right hands and the keepers of the Galaxy’s unity, harmony, peace and beauty. Their power comes directly from Astria, and they are the only ones who can directly use the Galaxy’s energy. They manifest themselves physically and unite the galaxy using the abstract forces of color.
Together, they represent The Exalted One’s symbol: The rainbow. The symbol of the harmony of the traits, elements, emotions, objects and all else that can be defined by one of the many colors represented by that rainbow. In harmony all live together, but when there is a great sin, Sin can manifest physically. Sin is the ultimate rival to the Astrians.
The Exalted One created the full base set of Astrians. All Ila, and first generation Keta, and then any additional Astrians whose color was significantly used in the creation of the Galaxy. (so some spectrums started out with more astrians than others.)
The Spectrums are not equal in terms of numbers of astrians. Colors with longer ranges in the Spectral wave started out with more astrians then the others. This is why their range is longer.


The highest rank is the Ila. They are comprised of the basic Astrians: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver, and Gold. They are the most powerful. When an astrian takes over as an Ila, their past lineage is replaced by the direct link to the Exalted One. Their nickname then becomes their former color name.

Second Rank is the Keta (f) /Kota (m). They are comprised of the main hues of each Ila. Though they are the second in command, they are known as “The Firsts”. There is normally three for each spectrum, one that represents each of the three classes of Astrians. These are Dark, Light and Alternate. Dark colors are all the deep deep colors and also bold colors. Light ranges from lighter to the paler selection of colors. Alternate is for the colors that don’t fit into dark or light, or do not seem to really blend in with the other colors in the spectrum.

Astrians report to the Exalted One, the one who created Astria and many other galaxies. The Exalted One created two Overseers that manage the Astrians, though it seems they’ve been missing for quite some time.
This was the last sighting of them, though with the way that Black and White are by nature, its no telling what they look like now. Or if this picture was even a real sighting of them. Who knows where they are.


Astrians can create, destroy or manipulate anything that is naturally their color. They also use whatever they represent as abilities. Example: Anger is usually represented by the color red, as such, Red can sense a person’s anger, and use it against them. As red is also fire, she normally makes a being’s anger literally burn. Astrians whose task is constantly battling one of the SINs will use ‘spiritual’ weapons, meaning that they use only what is ‘magical’. You will not find these astrians with any type of bladed weapon or any weapon that would look like something a human would carry around unless it is completely magical.


In order to become one with the Galaxy’s energy, an astrian must perform what is called saturation. The main purposes for this is to replenish an Astrian’s energy, or to access higher level abilities. Saturation requires rapid total body movement. When done correctly, an astrian will transform into his/her pure form. When an astrian saturates to replenish its energy, everything around them that is their color is attracted to them and releases all of its energy to that astrian, making them stronger. Energy is also attracted from the plane of it’s existence and also adds to the astrian’s strength. Once the energy is used by the Astrian it is replaced around them. There is a time period from when the Astrian uses the energy and when he/she can saturate in the same area again.


All Astrians can mix and mingle. This is called Flux and Fusing.
FLUX: When Astrians flux, they release their own energy of a certain ability or trait. This energy merges together to become a new temporary Astrian. Flux ONLY occurs between two or more Astrians and is ALWAYS temporary. This is because an Astrian is not a true Astrian without all of his/her representations so to be permanently without a certain type of energy the Astrian would no longer exist in its current form. And single representation Astrians under a certain color already exist so it is impossible to Flux using only one Astrian.
FUSING: Fusing is merging with other Astrians in order to become stronger, or to mate. Fusing can change the outward appearance of the Astrian merged into.
General Fusing rules:
  • All the Astrians under a particular Ila can merge with the ila to make him/her stronger.
  • Any merging that is legal on the color wheel is legal in this aspect too. For example, a red astrian and a yellow astrian can merge into an orange astrian. (but only if a Red AND Yellow merge). The red and yellow astrian could also merge together and become a temporary orange astrian.
  • Astrians can also merge to form a particular trait or aspect that is needed for a purpose, if that trait is symbolic of more than just one color.

Naming Traditions

An Astrian’s primary name is the color that they represent. (i.e. Blue, Red, Periwinkle, etc.) This is the name an Astrian is called by. In formal situations this name is joined with their rank. Informal can be just the name being used or a shorter version of the name. (DKB instead of Dark Blue. ‘Treuse instead of Chartreuse.) An astrian’s name is powerful and directly connects to the energy that they are. When separated from their energy (the plane of existence), their name goes along with it and in some cases, an astrian’s memory. The only way to reverse it is to break through to the plane and reconnect with the energy. An Astrian’s alias stems from the union of their color with that of the primary trait that they represent. This is different for the ila as they represent more than just a trait, so their nickname is usually something that they are come to be known as (much like humans receive their nickname.) An Astrian’s alias is used ONLY in reference to Lineage. This is to differentiate generations of the same astrian. (ex: A yellow astrian who was born in the first generation Yellow would use Ila Yellow Illumination, but under second generation would use Ila Yellow Solstice.) Most Astrians are born knowing what their primary trait is as they receive this during the Infancy stage. It was thought that to go through Infancy, an Astrian HAD to know their trait before they could be born. It was later realized that this was not the case when Dalmatine was born with no trait of her own. From then on it was discovered that an Astrian grows into their trait as they learn more about themselves, and that learning is not always completed through Infancy.
Angelic Empyress


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