The Dalbergia Sleuth

From Ila to the Firsts to high ranking Astrians who are on the side of Unity have been forming their own teams to show Diversity. An inclusion of family under an interspectrum umbrella Astrians use these teams to voice their accord. One of the newest teams that is really making a name for themselves lately can be found hidden deep within the Blazing caves of Red’s Spectrum. If you can maneuver through the caves enough you will find the secret passageway into their hideout. They are the Dalbergia Sleuth.

The Dalbergia Sleuth Hideout deep in the Blazing Caves

“Dalbergia”, a term that is the hidden name for Rosewood and “Sleuth”, which is the name for a family of bears, is the perfect name for this budding group. Rosewood, is known as the “Mama Bear” and she will go through great odds to protect her Cubs. It was to no surprise that she would soon have a family of ‘cubs’ around her in no time. The leader of the cubs, though, is Mulberry Purple, the “Mini Bear” an Astrian you definitely do not want to mess with. As Rosewood’s right hand, she learns all the fiercest abilities from her mom. 

So what is the Dalbergia Sleuth anyway? Because Rosewood has mother’s instinct, she had been compelled to defend weaker astrians who were at the mercy of Dissmio’s Legions that were roaming around the Spectrums. As one of Dissmio’s adversaries she took it as a personal attack to see it devouring her fellow astrians. Taking those weaker astrians under her wing, she and Mulberry trained them, not caring what spectrum they came from. The group then became like a mob, taking out any of the it’s Legions they would find, and continuing the role of protecting others. 

She even gave her cubs new outfits making them official members of her family. 

(These outfits are available in the Alliance shop for a limited time!)

It wasn’t long before the High Ila got word of what was going on and called Rosewood to her Rose Tower to ask about the group herself. Though intimidated, Rosewood was ready to defend her cause even to the High Ila herself. Red only smiled, instantly calming the Mama Bear. Seeing her genuine motive behind her actions, Red invited her group to be a recognized Team within the Astrian Alliance. It is at that moment that Red dubbed them the Dalbergia Sleuth. 

They can be found to this day, hunting down Legions and freeing the astrians who are their victims. But… their edification wasn’t accepted by everyone. On the contrary… there may be one who may just give the Dalbergia Sleuth… a CHALLENGE…

Angelic Empyress

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