The High Ila, and a Wrestler.

Written by Astrian Mint Green


The camera pans around a packed red arena, various red Astrians start taking their seats, but one section is roped off, showing a familiar red bunny (Rabbit?) munching on some chocolate as another Red Astrian, and a Brown Astrian, holding a plate of chocolates in her lap. “High Ila, I don’t see why we need to be here, this place seems, hostile.” The second Red Astrian said, crossing her arms. “Amaranth, please, calm down, yes, we need to be on the watch for the Acromatic Mass but the S.A.W was kind enough to invite us to see their show, and I believe we deserve a rest.” She said before popping a broken off piece of chocolate into her mouth. “I will never get you High-” Amaranth said, only for the High Ila to interrupt and say, “Please, call me Red while we’re here, I know officially I’m the High Ila, but just for today, let’s take a break from the official business.” Red said, clearly annoyed. “As you wish, Red.” Amaranth said, sitting back in her seat, her arms still crossed.

In the locker room, Mint Green is pacing back and forth, sweating from his nerves. “Am I actually good enough to impress a whole stadium full of my red brothers and sisters?” He asks, unknowing to him, his hat glowing with a light. “M-maybe I should just leave, th-they can find another champion.” He says as he tries to pick up Maquiya, only for her to hiss, and scamper away from the locker room. “Maquiya!” He yells, heading to the exit and looking around, only for his Harecean to be nowhere to be found. “Great, not only has my Harecean ran away, she probably hates me.” He said, slumping down and sitting on the ground, his back against the wall.

After a few hours of various Green Astrians wrestling, including a pair of cats winning the Tag Team Championships, an unfamiliar theme plays ( Bring Me The Horizon – Throne ) as a pair of green wolves, both 5 foot, 6 inches, comes out from behind the curtain, both smelling the air before a wolf, standing at 6 feet, 3 inches walks out before looking around, howling. The three walk down to the ring, the biggest one grabbing a microphone. “CUT THE MUSIC!” He yells, everyone in the crowd suddenly becoming quiet due to the booming voice. “I know that this isn’t an arena in the superior Green Spectrum, much better than the hot tempered Reds.” He says, the crowd booing him, right before he locks eyes with Red. “And what do we have here, The High Ila? I would have more respect for her if she wasn’t a hot head red.” He said, while Red is held back by Brown. “Come on Red, you’re making yourself look bad.” She said, right as a different theme plays ( Skillet – Terrify the Dark (Reimagined) ), and Mint Green sheepishly walks through the curtains before looking around, holding up the belt with a shaky hand. As Mint Green walks down the ramp, his championship belt over his shoulder, a Harecean is seen running up to Red, holding a green hat in her mouth, causing her to look down. “What is this?” She asks, picking up the Harecean, and looking at the green hat. “Where did you get this little guy?” She asks, carefully taking the hat out of Maquiya’s mouth. “Funny, looks like the hat that one has.” Amaranth says. “I wonder.” Red says before standing up, and heading down to ringside with Maquiya in her arms, right as Mint Green comes to the corner with his back to the High Ila. “Excuse me sir?” She asks, tapping Green’s shoulder which causes him to jump and turn around, nearly dropping the belt on the ground. “Y-y-y-y-” He stumbles, tripping over his words. “The High Ila yes, but is this yours?” She asks, showing him Maquiya and the green hat. “Maquiya, and, my green hat? But I thought?” He asks himself before taking off the hat he had on, and putting on the other one. “Dubitaire.” Red mumbles, carefully picking up the hat from the padding, setting onto the concrete, and setting it ablaze. “Awwww, look, the champion thinks he’s special by talking to the hot head High Ila.” He says, the two other wolves howling with laughter, right as Mint grabs a microphone. “HEY!” He yells, causing the two smaller wolves to stop laughing. “The High Ila deserves so much more respect than that, in order to keep the lovely Red Spectrum safe, her and the Firsts, Ketas, and Kotas actively fight the Acromatic Mass whenever there’s sightings, unlike you three who just sit there while REAL representatives of the Green Spectrum do the job!” He said, getting into the ring. “So how about you three shut the *CENSORED* up and we wrestle; unless, your big boss here has been spayed and neutered.” He says, dropping the mic as the various Red Astrians start laughing, even getting a few chuckles from both Red and Brown while the three wolves start barring their teeth. “You just wrote a check your body is going to be mauled for.” The biggest one said before throwing the microphone away, the two smaller wolves running towards Mint and trying to claw at him, causing the referee to pull the two away, and ejecting them from around the ring.

Once Mint gets into the ring, the bell rings, and the massive Wolf runs at Mint, trying to use his size to intimidate his smaller opponent as Mint starts throwing punches while also trying to keep out of claw range. As the match goes on, Wolf is able to get some lucky shots in with his claws, ripping Mint’s shirt multiple times as he focuses a lot of his strikes at the legs of his massive opponent. “Time to end this.” Wolf said as he practically throws Mint into the corner, and starts clawing at him, causing the various Red Astrians to cover their mouths. Right as Wolf is about to go for the killing blow, Mint Green suddenly sprays his Mystical Green Mist into Wolf’s eyes before throwing punches at the chest and stomach area of his bigger opponent, right before putting Wolf’s head under his arm, raising his left arm, and picking up Wolf right before planting him down with a Jackhammer. As Mint backs up to a corner, he looks at Red before closing his eyes, and slowly raising his hands above his head as Wolf struggles to his feet right as the two smaller wolves grab Green by the boots, trying to keep him from moving. “Seriously?” Mint asks, kicking one of the wolves in the face as the other jumps onto the apron, trying to get a cheap swipe at Mint, only for him to duck it and slingshot himself over the top rope to hit a DDT onto the apron before rolling back into the ring. “Now that has been dealt with.” He quietly says to himself, only to be gripped by the neck from Wolf forcing his smaller opponent to his feet. “You really think that your simple Green Mist can stop me?” He asks, putting his claw to the part of his neck that’s exposed. “No, but this can!” He said, kicking Wolf between the legs, causing Wolf to double over and fall to a knee as Mint backs to the ropes. “Last Shot!” He says before giving Wolf multiple Horse Kicks and pinning him for the 3-count.

After a few hours, Mint is in the locker room, holding his Harecean and kissing her head. “Now I know why you ran away.” He says before looking up at Red, Brown, and Amaranth. “So, my doubts were both powering up, and being fueled by Dubitaire?” He asks, sitting down. “Yes, and no, while Dubitaire, or Almosa IS the SIN of Doubt, she was using her powers through a copy of your hat, attempting to get rid of the original one.” Red said, crossing her arms. “However, I also believe that it’s partially your own doubts that allowed her to amplify the already existing ones.” She said, shaking her head. “Well, High Ila, I hope you liked the show.” Mint said, smiling. “Ohhhh I did, granted I wouldn’t mind getting into that ring and showing those three wolves what my spectrum can do.” She said, her hand almost engulfing into flames. “I’ll try to talk to the manager about that, but I make no promises, and I’m willing to bet you have more important things to worry about.” He said, looking at Brown and Amaranth. “If you three want to come to another show, the door’s always opened.” Mint said before picking up his bag. “Assuming the Acromatic Mass doesn’t keep us away, we’ll try.” Red said as Mint, carrying both his bag and Maquiya out of the room. “Just keep safe.” She said as Mint boards a bus. “I always try.” Mint said before stepping into the bus, and it drives away.

                                                  The End.

Angelic Empyress


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