Welcome in the New Year with January Updates!

I know I missed my monthly streams getting the new desk and having computer issues, but if you thought I was going to push all the updates to February, you were wrong! I have so many ideas and plans to share with you this year there’s no time like the present! Now without further adieu, lets get into the January Updates! This is part 1 of two parts of updates for your enjoyment!

First let me introduce the revamped currency:

Look familiar? These are now Wings and they are a Patreon Subscriber ONLY currency! Subs will receive 5 wings at the end of each month.
I will also be giving out ONE Wing a month to the best Activity Post and One Wing each for the best THREE Comments/Replies on Activity Feed posts! This can be given to anyone, subscribed or not!

So, For what are wings used for, you ask?

Well that brings me to the addition of 3 NEW Achievements! Remember that Achievements encompass everything that you can earn in the Alliance.
NEW: You can find a link to All the Achievement Types on the right sidebar on the Activity Feed! Now its easier then ever to find what you need.

Wing Shop

This is the first of the Achievements and has items you can purchase for Wings. These are premium items you wont find anywhere else! To start, I added the two outfits from the New Era collection that you could previously only get through sharing the stream. Each are only 4 wings! 

The Alliance Shop

For those with pixels burning holes in their pockets, the old Ingredient Achievements have been reworked into the Alliance Shop! Here is where you can get items that would normally be a part of Mystery Mixes. Yes, Mystery Mixes are going away in favor of these Shops that are easier to manage and track who has what. The Alliance Shop currently carries select items from the Neon Nights Collection, so you can complete your collection if you haven’t already! More from this collection may be added later.

Red’s Sanctuary Shop

This is the pet shop you know and love, with an official name! Add to your pet collection here and check back often as seasonal, chromatic and other rare pets could show up at any time!


Rewards for Astrian Levels!

We are finally implementing rewards for levelling up your Astrian! So those of you who have reached Level 2, be on the lookout for your first reward item! 

  • Level 2 – Treasure item from the current area. These items buff a single stat!
  • Level 3 – 3D Avatar for use in future projects
  • Level 4 – Small Weapon Upgrade
  • Level 5 – Discord Emote
  • Level 10 – 2nd Outfit
  • Level 15 – ???


Free Slots Unlocked!

While the Astrian Alliance is a subscription based experience, there is an opportunity to participate in the experience for free! Every so often there will be free slots available. These will be announced on the Discord, social media and during livestreams. Free slots are first come first served and provide a limited way to get a taste of what the Astrian Alliance is all about. To claim a free slot you must be an active member of the discord in good standing.

Free slot Astrians are pre-designed and there are no customization options for them. You are still able to earn EXP to level them up, but what they earn as they level up is pre-determined. Think of this as playing your regular character in an RPG, you are playing their story, but not customizing the character itself.

Learn more about Free Slots here

Here are the Colors for the first four free slots:

And that’s the end of the first set of updates. I’ll be lurking around the Alliance and adding what you’ve earned already into your folders.
Between these updates, the free astrians and the level 2 rewards will be announced. Then the second set of January updates will showcase new shop items, new Login Bonus Calendar…and… a NEW INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE! So stay tuned.

Angelic Empyress


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